Valuation services

Valuation services with unerring accuracy

Business valuation is the first step to assess the net worth of your business. Our team has an extremely sound understanding of valuation. Our combined experience across different industries, services and geographies helps us understand the scope of the problems that dealmakers face. We have a strong grasp of every factor that can have an impact on the outcome of valuations. As such, we are able to offer you complete personalized attention during the valuation phase. We always consider several parameters like the revenue cycle, history of the business, business category, nature of the competition, etc. Having taken everything on board, we apply the most suitable approach to evaluate the market value of the company’s assets, future revenue potential and a range of other factors. Our comprehensive approach gives you a valuation report that is unerringly accurate.

Business valuations are essential for most companies, regardless of the stage in their life cycle.Valuations are often required for corporate governance procedures or regulatory purposes. Key decision-making processes may also require valuations as an essential input. Valuations are now common place and an essential prerequisite for deriving key performance indicators. Often, a company may reach a critical milestone in its life-cycle, when it could be in the middle of a merger or a major acquisition. In many cases, the company’s growth path has taken it to the point where accessing capital from the markets has become an essential requirement. This could take shape in the form of an IPO or a rights issue. In all these instances, business valuations serve as a barometer that guides the company management forward. Our partners are Chartered Engineers and Registered Valuers under IBBI and the Wealth Tax Act.

Our team of specialists is adept at conducting valuations of:

  • Businesses
  • Real Estate
  • Industrial Assets, Plant & Machinery
  • Infrastructure Assets
  • Specialized Assets
  • Brands, Intangible Assets & Intellectual Property
  • Valuation under IBC, Companies Act
  • Purchase Price Allocation for Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Impairment Valuation for Tangible & Intangible Assets
  • Cost Vetting
  • Tax, FEMA and Company Law Matters
  • Valuations for Customs Procedures

Techno-economic viability studies comprise the evaluation of the financial viability of a project and the appraisal of its techno-commercial parameters. This is a critical evaluation that can be performed at specific stages of the project life-cycle, creating a dashboard that delivers prior intimation of the success of the project and its dependence on the resources of the organization.Typically, we evaluate all technical aspects and conduct a study of the competitive business environment in which the project exists. The financial feasibility study is carried out that provides the management with a true picture of its viability.Our team has thorough knowledge and experience in this field, which is gained through their wealth of experience from engineering organizations, investment banking firms, stockbroking companies, land appraisal firms, accounting, and auditing firms, and leading legal consultants.         

Projects we assess:


  • Engineering Plants
  • Processing Units
  • Real Estate Projects
  • Hotel & Resorts
  • Shopping Malls
  • Multiplex Cinemas

A lender's Independent engineer service is a specialized function that safeguards the interests of the financial institution that invests money in the project. This service ensures and assesses the accuracy and efficiency of the execution of the project. Timely reports are generated at periodic intervals that help the lender/investor in monitoring the progress of the project. Upon completion, our lender's Independent engineer verifies whether the project has been completed according to specifications and confirms the commissioning/decommissioning of all industrial equipment, as per the requirements. It is, therefore, a service that mitigates and minimizes the risk of the lender. It delivers peace of mind to both the lender as well as the owner of the project. Reporting standards are diligently followed and make the audit and corporate governance processes simpler. Leading to the completion of projects on time and within budget, ensuring the quality of work and materials.

Our key offerings include

  • Engineering Industries
  • Processing Companies
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Food Production
  • Educational Universities and Schools
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Shopping Malls
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Residential Townships

At ProgressiA, our team comprises of highly experienced real estate professionals who have a thorough understanding of the industry. We are continuously evaluating the impact of economic factors on the real estate industry. Additionally, we assess the dependence of the industry on several macro and microeconomic parameters. In this way, our understanding of the real estate industry takes into account the entire spectrum of key drivers that can impact the industry as a whole. We do not evaluate anything in isolation. Several drivers such as industrialization, population expansion, regulatory, and statutory frameworks and the impact of public-private participation in infrastructure development are all taken into account, as part of our advisory service. We recognize that these factors are inseparable, as part of the global environment that the industry exists in. Therefore, our real estate advisory team is able to deliver a meticulous and holistic assessment of the financial,social, and regulatory viability of your project.

Our key offerings include

  • Market Surveys
  • Price Guidance
  • Super Area Calculations
  • Reserve Price Fixation
  • Sale, Purchase, Rent, Lease
  • Product Classification
  • Development Mix
  • Highest and Best Use Studies
  • RERA Advisory

The success of any deal depends on several factors, such as regulatory compliance, accounting standards, taxation, and legal adherence to the target company. The experience and depth of knowledge of the management, along with the cultural aspects, make a huge difference, whether it is a merger or an acquisition, or any other form of transaction. In this situation, investors prefer to have access to complete and accurate information that helps them make key decisions. However, this information may need to be evaluated, collated, and presented in a manner that is fit for purpose. Most often, this is an uphill task, and all the information may not be readily available at the fingertips of the company management. The success of a deal could hinge on the discovery and analysis of hidden efficiencies- this is where we step in. ProgressiA has a holistic approach when it comes to the transactional advisory. Our due diligence team excels in evaluating a business from the ground up, which substantially improves the success factor of a deal. Our expertise in this area comes from an in-depth understanding of ground realities. We don’t just carry out individual processes like due diligence. Our approach is to incorporate all aspects of transaction advisory and collectively manage these as a project. This helps us to understand key aspects of both the acquirer and the target. It is our involvement at every stage that enables us to provide robust and efficient advisory service.

Our key offerings include

  • Deal Advice – Buy side and sell side negotiation
  • Analysis and Advisory on the terms and conditions and drafting of the agreement
  • PPP Transactions
  • Purchase Price Allocation
  • Technical Audits
  • Equity Evaluation
  • Cross Border Transactions
  • Transfer Pricing